Using shadow effect in product photography

While lighting is the most important part of photography, shadows play a huge role in composing a great photo. In product photography, the details are what makes a photo look professional. Adding shadows to your product photos gives your product a more realistic look and brings it closer to the customers. It’s important to know that there are different types of shadow effects so choosing the right one for your products can greatly boost sales.

The importance of shadows in product photography

Whether you have flat-lay photos or photos of your products taken from the front, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind: adding shadows. Shadowing in the post-editing process is important, but why?

  • it makes your product more realistic – with shadows, your product would give out a sense of realism to your customers, which will keep their attention from clicking on to the next product.
  • the details are what matter – when you add shadows to your photos it might seem like adding a small detail, but those details are what makes the photos look polished and professional.
  • using shadows can help you in building a recognizable brand image – your customers should always see consistency in the quality of your product photos. Using shadows is a great way to build a brand image your customers will easily recognize.

The different types of shadow effect

When choosing a shadow effect for your photos, it all depends on how you want your products to be photographed. There are three types of shadow effect you can use:

  • natural shadow – as the name states, a natural shadow is the type of shadow that’s acquired from the natural light with which the products are shot. Natural shadows can also be added in the post-production process.
  • dropdown shadow – a dropdown shadow is a visual effect that’s added to give the impression as if the product is shot from above. Even if your product photos don’t have a dropdown shadow, with our services this can be easily added during post-production.
  • reflection shadow – using reflection shadows give your photos a polished and professional look and makes them as if they’re shot on a reflective surface. This type of shadow is added in the post-editing process only so don’t use reflective surfaces such as mirrors to achieve this effect.

Choosing the best shadow effect for your product photos

To run a successful e-commerce store is not just looking at the bigger picture. That means that you should always pay attention to the small details that make the whole picture great. Shadows are a seemingly small detail, but very important in creating that professional look of your store. Even if you don’t know what kind of shadow should you pick for your product photos, our team of professionals will help you in making your photos ready for success.