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5 Best Tools to Remove Image Background Online

5 Best Tools to Remove Image Background Online 1
When it comes to removing a background on an image, it can be tough to decide which online tools could give you the best quality. If you run an online store and you need your product photos to look sharp with clean backgrounds, you need the best tool to remove a background from an image. If you’re wondering how to remove a background on an image, using Photoshop or any other tool, check out our comprehensive detailed list below!


FotoFlexer is an online service that allows its users to remove a background from an image using multiple tools. It offers tools that can morph, recolor, layer, adds effects, adds animation, removes a background and much more. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require an account. Simply upload any image from your computer (you can also upload photos from Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Myspace and Photobucket) and a list of tools will pop up for your use on the “Geek Tab”. Unfortunately, it’s not a ‘smart’ tool where it will remove the background for you, but you can manually remove the background by using their ‘Smart Scissors’ tool to easily cut out the desired focus product or person. If you are slightly familiar with Photoshop, the Smart Scissors tool is extremely similar to the Magnetic Lasso tool in Photoshop. It will prompt you to create points at small distances to create a cut-out outline in order to remove the background. You will need to make a starting point, then follow along with your desired product by creating points along the way before ending with the final point by connecting it with your first point. The cut-out image for this software won’t have the best quality as the points don’t give too much freedom to curve in the way things or people do, this may leave some edges on your cut-outs. However, you will notice that the lines between each point may curve around the subject in order to enhance a better cut out.


Malabi is an automatic background remover (online software) that claims to remove the background from an image as well as automatically enhancing the colors and quality of your image. It is an app that is easy to use and fairly on the cheap side. The app works through Shopify, perfect for those people who use Shopify to run their online store. With more than just over 1,000 downloads in the last three months, Malabi is starting to gain tons of traction for its services. Malabi understands that a clean and professional looking product photo means higher conversion rates for you, they want to make sure you’re satisfied with their work. Simply upload the image into the app and wait a few seconds for the technology to remove the background. Malabi will present you with a few different options and you can choose which ones work best for you and your store. If you are unhappy with their touch up’s, you may manually edit the images using their ‘Touch Up’ mode. They also offer different ways to deliver your edited image, you can choose to have the background of your image removed and replaced with a white background, a white background with a shadow, or a completely transparent background.

Edit Photos for Free

Edit Photos for Free is a multi-tool online software that allows its users to play with basic digital painting, gradients, shadows, filters, embed photo editor and embed photo cut-out. This online tool allows its users to remove a background easily using the same format as listed with ‘Clipping Magic’. This uses the same red and green format to select your focus product, all while removing the rest. However, this tool allows its users to first highlight their subject in yellow first to separate them from the background, then the red and green fill in colors can be used to further separate. This tools gives you a bit more control and freedom over your selection and even offers different sizes of tools to use. This is a great pre-Photoshop tool to get you started! The quality of the site isn’t the most perfect, but it can get the job done as well as a free tool can. This tool doesn’t offer precision as a Photoshop tool can.

Clipping Magic

This online program Clipping Magic is an amazing tool that can easily remove a background from an image for free. Simply upload your desired image (either by dragging an image from your desktop or uploading directly) and the tool will automatically pop up with your picture. Next, a short step by step will teach you how to highlight the focus product in green while prompting you to highlight the background (or unwanted part of the image) in red. You can adjust the tool size to try and accommodate either a smaller or a larger area to make the cutout process faster and easier. Once it has an idea of your desired look, you can preview it before cutting it out. This online site works great with contrasted images (example: black hat on a white background), as opposed to someone with long hair, as it may cut out the flyaway hairs. It’s not precise, but it’ll get the job done. You can run the same image through this service a few times to ensure your cut out is precise. It can take longer to cut out a person from a busy background than cutting out a black table from a white background. Practice makes perfect for this tool

How to Remove a Background in Photoshop?

For any major graphic designer, Photoshop is the #1 tool they may use to remove background from an image. Granted, Photoshop is a professional’s tool that can be used to do just about anything to an image. It is a much pricier option as it gives its users the complete toolkit they need to edit any image in any way possible. It takes some practice and dedication to fully grasp how to use Photoshop, but with practice comes perfection. With Photoshop, there are a number of different ways to remove a background from an image. A person can use the ‘Magic Wand’ or the ‘Quick Selection’ tool to select the background to remove it, or select the product in focus and ‘Erase’ the rest. The Magnetic Lasso tool gives you the option to select the subject using a multitude of points to cut-out your subject. It allows its users to use extreme precision when cutting out their subjects. You have tons of options when you want to cut out a subject, you can cut them out, add a shadow to all angles of the subject, add a background color (you are not limited to just black or white, but rather any color on available in Photoshop). You can even add a gradient to the background, add different colored layers, add textures or shapes, edit the photo in general, and much more. There is absolutely no end to what you can do in Photoshop. It is a professional’s tool and can be used to do just about anything you want to be done to your photos. Tons of people start small with this tool, but with enough practice, you too can feel like a Photoshop guru in no time!

Outsource Photo editing Services

If you are tired of using online background removers that claim they can cut a background from an image for free, then you’ve probably received unsatisfactory results.It can be tough trying to remove a background on your own or by using free online background remover apps. If you are not a Photoshop professional (yet), then outsourcing to Clippingarts can get you professional back ground removal service for your images in a matter of hours.


Autoclipping is another online-only tool that allows its users to quickly and easily remove backgrounds from images. It’s fairly quick, you simply can click and drag an image from your desktop onto the tool for a quick upload, or you can upload an image straight from your computer. Your image will load up in a matter of seconds and a step by step instruction module will pop-up to guide you through the tools. This has the same concept as ‘Clipping Mask’ and ‘Edit Photos for Free’ by using the red and green highlight tool. Autoclipping has a smart sensor that guesses which part of the image you want to remove and which you want to keep, after utilizing the tools for a minute. It’s a great way to remove the bulk of the background image, but it doesn’t reach the edges you may want to be removed, and it doesn’t offer a touch-up tool. However, in addition to removing backgrounds, it also offers a great tool for creating banners and flyers using images you provide the site. It’s an easy to use tool that is perfect for beginners!