Product Photo Retouching Services

Image retouching as an important part of your online business

If you’re an online product seller, you already know that shooting products is not the only important thing for getting breathtaking photos. Image retouching has become a regular part that must not be skipped. Cameras don’t always capture the product the way we want it, but with the help of an image retouching service, you’ll always achieve the desired effect. They say beauty is in the details. Any seller wants perfect images for their products and raw photos don’t deliver all of that, hence the need for image retouching.

In addition to people, image retouching can be applied to clean up any image, from landscape photos to product advertisements to removing unwanted objects out of images. Our experts are meticulous in their attention to detail, so the images that are retouched will never be blurred or look photoshopped. All retouched images look completely natural.

Image retouch

What's photo retouching and how does it help in marketing your products?

In the world of photography, image retouching is considered as the final polishing of photos. It is the process of altering an image to get it ready for posting it to the world.

As we mentioned, raw photos don’t always deliver the desired effect we want to accomplish. Whether working with models or products only, it’s in our nature to have flaws. While most people are embracing this, the business world still needs perfection to stand out from the crowd and generate higher conversion rates.

Attractive photos mean attracting more customers.

So, what exactly does a photo retoucher do?

  • Cleaning imperfections – a photo retoucher’s goal is to clean up all the imperfections a raw product photo may have, such as blemishes, dark spots, scars, dust, smoothing creases on clothes and similar smaller imperfections.
  • Color adjustments – a raw photo may sometimes look dark and dull, so photo retouchers are doing minor adjustments to the photo so it’s bright and colorful.
  • Eyes retouching – using photo editing software such as Photoshop, retouchers are removing redness caused by a camera’s flash unit, clearing the whites of the eyes and highlighting the iris. They also enhance the eyelashes and eyebrows for a more popping effect.
  • Bringing out a flawless skin – for a perfect look of models, retouchers are removing unwanted lines and wrinkles, and are smoothing out the skin so it looks better.
  • Removing props – when shooting product photos it’s sometimes essential to use props to straighten out the product or shoot it at a specific angle. Retouchers are here to remove any extra props being used that don’t belong in the photo.
  • Image sharpening – a high-quality photo that is sharp and clear is every retoucher’s job when editing photos. 

Photo retouching is a great part of delivering final, high-quality photos for commercial use. It’s used from online retailers, photographers, magazines to modeling agencies as an effective way of getting even better photos and thus increasing sales.