How to do a Face Swap in Photoshop!!

Face swapping is one of the latest trending topics of the hugely booming “winnovative” app era!! Winning it through innovation!!

It can be fairly horrific to imagine that one would like to swap faces but it has been a chosen pastime for Smartphone users everywhere.

People are getting creative with their face swapping, and it is no longer about simply replacing and swapping personalities and famed people (considered too naïve!!) People are swapping faces with pets and inanimate objects. Why not take your frustration out as creatively as possible. Ever imagined the species you hate swap faces with its homo sapien counterpart!!

Lining the faces up might take a little practice; but once you get the hang of things, the floodgates will open and ideas start gushing forth. You can actually swap faces with your BFF, a koala bear, your favorite TV host, the galaxy super hero and what not.

Let us closely look at the Photoshop face swap tutorial that can enable us to change the faces with precision and perfection.

So then, how to make a face swap in Photoshop and may be look at face swap photoshop online as an

Step 1:

Select two images. There need not be any similarity in the selected images. They may be of different sex or even possible varying skin tones.

Let us look at the above example where we have the challenge of varied tones in skin. The face cuts also are of different apertures. We are going to replace the male face with the female face.

Step 2:

Click on the image of the female photograph.

In the toolbox select either the lasso or the pen tool. We would like to have more control on the selections considering the complexities. Hence, I have used pen tool by setting anchor points. This is giving me the ideal precision.

After drawing a proper line over the face, “right click” on the mouse and select ‘make selection’.

Select the portion appropriately for replacement. You have to be careful on the portion that will fit adequately on the male face.

Now copy (Ctrl+C) the selection and open the male’s Images and paste (ctrl+V)

So then, we are good thus far on how to Photoshop faces to swap their image existences.

After super imposing the female’s face we need to adjust it. It is definitely not remotely close to the photograph we envisaged.

Now, let us adjust the pasted selection on the male face by matching the eye position.

To set the eye position straight, select the female face layer press ctrl+T or go to free transform from Edit.

Adjust the size and position as shown in the image.

The face of the lady has a lower degree of transparency in line with the original mood of the snap (quite dusky I must admit!)

So then, decrease the opacity of the female face (layer 1) to match the position.

Details have been captured through screens as shown below.

Now, let us duplicate the layer of the male image (background copy) and disable the layer visibility of the lower layer(background )Then, select the women’s face (layer 1) by pressing Ctrl & Click on the layer 1 and contract the selection. To do that go to select—modify—contract.

It is advised to keep the value within 5-6 to get the correct tone of the image being transposed as depicted below.

Now go to the duplicated layer of the male image (background copy) and press “delete”.

If you disable the visibility of the female face you will find the male image like this.

Make a copy of the female face (layer1 copy) and disable the visibility.

Then you may select the layer of both the male (background copy) and the female face (layer 1).

Time to go to edit menu—Auto blend layers

Now you can see the box below, make sure ‘Panorama‘ and ‘seamless tones and colors’ are selected. Click ok.

Time to observe the finesse and the magic of photoshop. It will automatically match the tone and the color of the two separate images.

But in the process of matching the color and brightness the final image gets little blurred. But not much to worry about here. We do have the solutions for that as well.

Go to the duplicate female face (Layer 1 copy) and enable the visibility. Now click on ‘add layer mask’ icon while pressing the ‘Alt’ key in your key board.

Now select a soft brush and adjust the opacity between 50 -60 while we keep the brush flow around 30% approximately.

Then, start painting around the areas of eyes and lips. This process (Alt+layer mask) hides the entire layer only revealing the painted area by the brush tool. This enables you to get the prominent eyes and lips which was faded down during the procedure of auto blend layer.

You can choose to use the eraser tool if you have masked some extra areas which you may not have actually wanted to have.

We have gone on to repeat the same procedure of layer masking to get the moustache of the male model. We have copied the image of the male (background copy 2), taken a soft brush and painted around the area of the moustache.

Now it kind of fits in perfectly! Hope you are enjoying the process of how to do a face swap in photoshop

It is quite possible that you may end up with a different skin tone around the merged areas of the two images. In this case, you can use the brush tool create an empty layer (layer 2) pick the color of the skin of the male face and paint around the areas. Now decrease the opacity of the layer (around 70-80%) to give a natural look.

And the final image is ready.

Learning is an art and learning arts is a bigger art. Hope you enjoyed this edition of face swap Photoshop tutorial and happy learning with clipping arts till we connect again with another piece!!

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