A picture might be worth a thousand words, but sometimes a thousand words is not enough. For projects that require multiple pictures to convey a message, ask about our montage services.

Why Use a Montage?

A montage is a sequence of images that have been selected, edited, and connected to create a harmonious whole. Montage was originally the technique used to create the first films, in which the sequence of individual frames constituted the film as a whole. More than a collection of random images, a montage uses individual images to communicate an overarching narrative.

photo montage e commerce shops photo montage e commerce shops photo montage e commerce shops photo montage e commerce shops
ghost mannequin effect ghost mannequin effect

As narrative sequences, montages can be applied in many ways. For website banners, a montage can help to visually depict the many services that a business has to offer. Montages are also excellent as visual displays at major events, like weddings or corporate conferences. Many artists also use montages since one quick glance at a montage can give the viewer an immediate and encompassing view of the work.

Who Benefits from a Montage?

The montage presentation can benefit many businesses, such as e-commerce and retail shops, which can use a montage to highlight their best products or services. Montages are more convenient for businesses that might have several pictures in storage but don’t have several reels of film to choose from in showcasing company services or events.

Make the Most of our Montage Services

Call today to get a quote within an hour’s time about our montage services. Our image transfer services are secured by a file manager system, and our fast and professional services ensure that as soon as a project is complete, you will hear from us. We can give you samples for your approval, and any montages that we create can be re-worked until we get your 100% satisfaction. With starting prices as low as $$$, there’s no reason to wait. Call today!

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