Mirror Effect

For an image with a graphic design edge, try our mirroring effect services. The mirror effect creates a visually striking image using reflections that in real life are often impossible to capture with a camera and can only be seen by the naked eye. An advanced image editing technique, the mirror effect adds a new level of intensity and high-quality to any image.

Mirror Effect for a Bold and Encapsulating Image

The mirror effect gives an edge to any image and adds new layers of depth. When a reflection is used in the composition of any image, the product or object being reflected is emphasized and the entire image becomes encapsulated by the object. No space need be sacrificed to include unnecessary elements. For company logos, the mirror effect adds an additional intensity to a logo with a plain background, making the company name pop out. The mirror effect can also be used to transpose a reflection over another image, or for reflections on water, the image can be altered to reflect the water ripples. The mirror effect is more than a doubling effect—it changes the mood of an image while drawing the viewer’s eye to the most essential objects in the image.

 High quality mirror effect  High quality mirror effect
 mirror effect before & after  mirror effect before & after

Who Can Use the Mirror Effect?

E-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers, advertising agencies, and corporations with logos that need revamping can benefit from the mirror effect. Anyone who desires a visually stunning image that fully immerses the viewer in the world within the image can use the mirror effect.

Mirror Effect Services

Get in touch today and we’ll get you a quote within an hour’s time. If needed, a sample can be submitted for your approval, and all orders can be re-worked for your complete satisfaction. All transactions for uploading and downloading images take place on a secured ‘file manager’, and as soon as an order is complete, you will hear from us. Our team of graphic agency experts can aid you in adding a mirror effect to your images, all at our special low rates.

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