Photo Retouching Services

The retouching process involves techniques which make your appearance a lot better, attractive and fancy. The removal of scars, acne, red eyes, yellow teeth and much more can be done with the process of retouching which can be comfortable than applying makeup again and again.

Also, sometimes the light is such which makes the photos less enlightening. With Clipping Arts, you can get your photos retouched like never before. Just let us know your requirements, and we can do it all for you. Image retouching can be used as an after-photo makeover service with add-ins of eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara, etc. to beautify the individuals in the photo.

Steps of retouching services

Image Cropping – This process includes the clipping of photos from their original size to the desired size. This step also provides for the setting of the right angle which makes it more attractive for the buyers. The outer borders of the photo can be cropped to draw the full attention to the product for the buyers.

Color Correction – This step includes brightness, contrast and color adjustment. The temperature of the photo should be adjusted according to the requirements of the buyers. The more vibrant the colors, the better it is for the buyers.

free photo retouching service
high end photo retouching

Watermark Adding – Watermarks define the uniqueness of the product in the form of a logo or a pattern. The watermark of the product makes it different from others and helps it represent the brand of the company.

Background Change – Yes! That’s possible, and that is important. Background changing can be a game changer for the whole product. The right choice of the background plays a significant role in the entire photo editing process and with a team of professional photo editors makes your product’s selling chances higher.

Noise Reduction – Eliminating the extra luminance and color not only makes a great view of the article but also helps the buyers do not move their eyes from the product. The clearer the picture, the better it sells.

Masking – Masking is one of the most powerful features in the process of photo editing. Masks can be used to create useful and amazing visual effects. From blending images to stylizing texts, there are hundreds of uses of masks in any photo editing.

Facial editing – Facial editing includes things like removal of stray hairs on the face, glare on the skin, softening the skin, reducing hand and feet redness, unmanaged hair around the head and many other similar features to make the picture look flawless.

Skin Retouching – When people get themselves clicked, they want to look their best. The whole process of applying make-up and changing it for different outfits can be irritating and not worth it whereas editing can make the entire process easy and less time taking. One can easily remove blemishes, wrinkles and make the eyes look more attractive, nose in shape, cheeks rosier and a lot more which makes the products better. And the best part is, one has to stand there and pose, our editors take rest care.

Types of retouching services –

  1. Product Photo Editing
  2. Wedding Photo Editing
  3. Background Removal

Product Photo Editing

E-commerce business is for the generation who owns about 1 or 2 mobile phones. Over 25-30% of world’s population opted for E-commerce shopping since its commencement, and that percentage has been growing since then. The first thing any shopper looks in online shopping is the picture of the product. Product photos capture attention. Shoppers want to ensure the product matches their expectations, whether they’re looking for specific colors, sizes, styles or other qualities that make or break their opinion of the product. Right product photos kind of acts like the brand ambassadors. The better they look, the better are the chances for the product to sell efficiently and effectively.

The prime objective of an image is to visualize the product and make it even more appealing when the customer visits the online store. An image should substitute the need of customer to touch & feel the product, gauge the quality. Background, side dimensions, a compatible color combination all create a beautiful visualization which is more important for every user. Because we don’t know how user predicts product images, so, it should be in most good color variations.

Product photography and editing include jewelry photography, shoe photography, bags photography, fashion photography, electronic products photography and much more. Our team is skilled and has expertise in all kinds of editing related to the mentioned types of photography. Product photography is an essential part of e-commerce business which makes the customers drool over the images every day, every hour, every minute and every second.

free photo retouching service
high end photo retouching
free photo retouching service
high end photo retouching

Kinds of product photography 

The online world today has changed the whole scenario of shopping. The way product now replaces the touch of a product looks online from various angles and directions. All of this is made perfect to attract the customers to buy their products which make editing an essential part of the whole process. With multiple types of product shots, one can opt for the perfect one according to the products and its style.

Individual – This is the most used form of product shot which is mainly used to focus on one individual product and is usually taken on a white or black background. The products that fall under this category are mostly mobile phones, bluetooth speakers, T-shirts, etc.

Group – This kind of shot is for clicking two or more products under one frame put together. No one will wonder, why group shot when there is an option of individual shot? This is because a group is mainly used for products that are related to each other or offers a combination offer. Like a lipstick and a mascara sold together might cost less in some particular kind of offer, so it makes it easier for the customers to see both of them in one frame.

Detail – The detail shot is used for close up shots to highlight various parts of the product. Also, it is used to support the central image of the product. Detail shot is generally used for cars, bags, etc.

Lifestyle – The pictures taken under lifestyle shot are more than just about the products. They also tend to showcase the background and influence of the product on us and nature. It is like a story in the form of a picture which makes it very beautiful for the customers.

Studio – Studio shot is generally used for luxurious products which are expensive and just targets one kind of class of customers. The primary products used under the studio shot are perfumes, high-end makeup products, etc. They are high definition and helps to set a realistic expectation of what the buyer will receive

Wedding Photo Editing

One of the main components of any wedding photographer’s style is how they edit their photos. There are endless choices, and there are always trends that tend to dictate the overall look of wedding photos and any particular moment in time. Wedding pictures are one of the most essentials of the wedding because it will create memories that you can live for a lifetime. The perfect day for two people perfectly captured in the camera needs an ideal kind of lighting, colors, and temperature. It will capture your day; it will capture your memories, it will tell a story, and not just any story, it will reveal a beautiful story of your special day, a day you will never forget.

A story that you can show friends and family, your kids, and grandchildren, something you will have and can treasure forever. Wedding Photography is about different moments; it’s about being able to relive the day through beautiful photos. This is smiling at moments you didn’t even know happened, seeing the excitement and emotion on the faces of your family and friends, and, above all, having a story that you shall take with you forever.

Your wedding photos are as important as your memories from the day itself. They help you preserve the small details and notice things you’ve missed, and you’ll be delighted to see things you didn’t notice or couldn’t see on that day. Like their other half getting ready, those genuinely personal and touching hours and minutes of pure happiness, anticipation, and nerves, yes! All so heartfelt and deserving of remembrance. Your fiancé(e)’s face as he waits at the altar for your arrival or your dad discreetly wiping a tear while you say your vows are the moments that should be cherished and remembered forever. Wedding photos have high emotional value. It is to capture these simple moments that remain a memory for a lifetime. Also, Clipping Arts photo retouching services present the latest ideas of the wedding, information about the essential and timeless moments captured under the excellent lens. It also creates different themes based on the candid moments to add value to the moments caught.

Our wedding photo services include white balance, contrast adjustment, exposure correction, cropping, straightening, sharpening, noise reduction and much more. All this can be done according to your requirements, and our editors will make sure that all this matches your style too.

The most fantastic editing trends are 

  • Pre Colored Skies
  • Dutch Angels and Heavy Vignettes
  • VSCO/Flat and Matte
  • LXC
  • Black and White (An evergreen trend)
  • Light and Airy
  • Dark and Moody
free photo retouching service
high end photo retouching

Love the work, loved the speed, loved the dedication. Thank You for being a savior Clipping Arts.

Charles, US

Being a photographer myself, the most important thing in my life is to capture moments and not edit them. While earlier I used to invest so much time editing, now I have all the time in the world to love what I do – ‘Click.’ Your work made me trust you. Thank You Clipping Arts. Keep up the excellent work.

Gloria, France

Photo Montage

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but sometimes a thousand words is not enough. For projects that require multiple pictures to convey a message, ask about our montage services.

Why Use a Montage?

A montage is a sequence of images that have been selected, edited, and connected to create a harmonious whole. Montage was originally the technique used to create the first films, in which the sequence of individual frames constituted the film as a whole.

More than a collection of random images, a montage uses individual images to communicate an overarching narrative.

photo montage e commerce shops photo montage e commerce shops photo montage e commerce shops photo montage e commerce shops
ghost mannequin effect ghost mannequin effect

As narrative sequences, montages can be applied in many ways. For website banners, a montage can help to visually depict the many services that a business has to offer.

Montages are also excellent as visual displays at major events, like weddings or corporate conferences. Many artists also use montages since one quick glance at a montage can give the viewer an immediate and encompassing view of the work.

Who Benefits from a Montage?

The montage presentation can benefit many businesses, such as e-commerce and retail shops, which can use a montage to highlight their best products or services. Montages are more convenient for businesses that might have several pictures in storage but don’t have several reels of film to choose from in showcasing company services or events.

Photo Mirror Effect

For an image with a graphic design edge, try our mirroring effect services. The mirror effect creates a visually striking image using reflections that in real life are often impossible to capture with a camera and can only be seen by the naked eye. An advanced image editing technique, the mirror effect adds a new level of intensity and high-quality to any image.

Mirror Effect for a Bold and Encapsulating Image

The mirror effect gives an edge to any image and adds new layers of depth. When a reflection is used in the composition of any image, the product or object being reflected is emphasized and the entire image becomes encapsulated by the object.

No space need be sacrificed to include unnecessary elements. For company logos, the mirror effect adds an additional intensity to a logo with a plain background, making the company name pop out. The mirror effect can also be used to transpose a reflection over another image, or for reflections on water, the image can be altered to reflect the water ripples.

The mirror effect is more than a doubling effect—it changes the mood of an image while drawing the viewer’s eye to the most essential objects in the image.

 High quality mirror effect  High quality mirror effect
 mirror effect before & after  mirror effect before & after

Who Can Use the Mirror Effect?

E-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers, advertising agencies, and corporations with logos that need revamping can benefit from the mirror effect. Anyone who desires a visually stunning image that fully immerses the viewer in the world within the image can use the mirror effect.

Photo Shadow Effect

To add additional depth to an image or to combine objects and backgrounds for a photomontage, applying the shadow effect is an integral part of the artistic process. Whether you want to make a logo stand out or you want a customized image with seamless composition, our shadow effect services can transform your image from one dimensional to 3D.

Take Your Image to a New Dimension with the Shadow Effect

The shadow effect takes a standard two-dimensional image and uses shading to create the effect of a three-dimensional image. For company logos with lettering against a flat background, the shadow effect can accentuate the logo for an eye-catching effect.

Lettering can be shadowed in many ways, from subtle shadows that lift the text, to bold and angled shadows that give the illusion of movement and dynamism, to mirror-like shadows that cast shadows of the individual letters onto the image foreground.

shadow effect products shadow effect products
shadow effect befor and after

To compose photomontages out of individual backgrounds and objects, the shadow effect is a vital part of making the image look as natural as possible. In art, a scene generally has one light source, with any shadows being cast in one direction.

When creating an image, the same concept applies. Combining objects from various sources can entail shadows being cast in contrasting directions. By manipulating the direction of these shadows to point in the same direction, the shadow effect allows the various objects to cohere into one unified image.

Who Can Use the Shadow Effect?

Any company with an interest in revitalizing a logo, including e-commerce and retail stores, as well as advertising agencies and businesses interested in creating custom-designed images can make use of the shadow effect.

Call us today to get a quote within an hour’s time. Our image transfer services are secured by a file manager system, and our fast and professional services ensure that as soon as a project is complete, you will hear from us.

We can give you samples for your approval, and any Image that we edit can be re-worked until we get your 100% satisfaction. With starting prices as low, there’s no reason to wait. Call today!

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