Image Retouch

Image retouching is like having your very own airbrushing technician and makeover artist. To conceal blemishes and enhance the most flattering qualities of people in any photo, image retouching is the key.

Image Retouching Brings Out the Best in an Image

Image retouching involves use photo editing techniques to improve the overall appearance of people in photos. Unsightly blemishes, scars, acne, bloodshot or red eyes, wrinkles or yellowed teeth, all these can distract from the finer qualities of the individual in the photo. Sometimes, poor lighting or low-quality camera lenses also can produce an unflattering photo of an otherwise attractive person. Image retouching can solve these issues by eliminating any undesirable elements from a photo, brightening the image, and highlighting the best features of the individuals in the photo, so they can look picture-perfect. Image retouching also can be used as an after-photo makeover service with touch-ups or add-ons of eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, etc, to enhance and beautify the individuals in the photo.

In addition to people, image retouching can be applied to clean up any image, from landscape photos to product advertisements to removing unwanted objects out of images. Our experts are meticulous in their attention to detail, so the images that are retouched will never be blurred or look photoshopped. All retouched images look completely natural.

Who Uses Image Retouching?

Industry professionals in advertising, fashion, health and beauty care, photography, e-commerce, retail and more can benefit from having their images retouched. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a clean, beautifully retouched image is priceless.

Our Image Retouching Services

To get your image retouched for an unbeatable rate, get in touch with us today! We can answer quote requests within an hour and get your project going in no time. All files are exchanged using a secured file manager, so you never need to worry about the security of your images.If required, we can provide a sample for your approval, and we will rework images until you are 100% satisfied. Once the order is complete, we communicate with you immediately, so you can have the retouched image in your hands and ready for business.

Color Correction

Our Photoshop Color Correction experts use Photo editing technology to allow you to showcase the different colors and styles of your furniture, textiles and other industrial product images in your expected colors and textures. Your asked or required color may represent your Website Theme or the Brand Color that you own and we use our utmost professionalism to color your thinking in reality.

This is a brilliant technology where the protected image content is isolated from the unprotected content which is graphically modified so the photographic image of the products simply look better in other colors. Existing color is masked with totally different colors that make it to look brighter, shiner and more focused. It’s just not good look or feels but an extremely effective process to showcase your advertised goods in different media.

Shadow Effect

To add additional depth to an image or to combine objects and backgrounds for a photomontage, applying the shadow effect is an integral part of the artistic process. Whether you want to make a logo stand out or you want a customized image with seamless composition, our shadow effect services can transform your image from one dimensional to 3D.

Take Your Image to a New Dimension with the Shadow Effect

The shadow effect takes a standard two-dimensional image and uses shading to create the effect of a three-dimensional image. For company logos with lettering against a flat background, the shadow effect can accentuate the logo for an eye-catching effect. Lettering can be shadowed in many ways, from subtle shadows that lift the text, to bold and angled shadows that give the illusion of movement and dynamism, to mirror-like shadows that cast shadows of the individual letters onto the image foreground.

To compose photomontages out of individual backgrounds and objects, the shadow effect is a vital part of making the image look as natural as possible. In art, a scene generally has one light source, with any shadows being cast in one direction. When creating an image, the same concept applies. Combining objects from various sources can entail shadows being cast in contrasting directions. By manipulating the direction of these shadows to point in the same direction, the shadow effect allows the various objects to cohere into one unified image.

Who Can Use the Shadow Effect?

Any company with an interest in revitalizing a logo, including e-commerce and retail stores, as well as advertising agencies and businesses interested in creating custom-designed images can make use of the shadow effect.

Interested in Accentuating an Image with the Shadow Effect?

Call us today to get a quote within an hour’s time. Our shadow effect services start at the low price of $$$. All our orders are transmitted using a secured file manager system, and upon completion, you’ll hear from us right away. Throughout the process, if you need we can provide a sample of the work, and we will re-work images if needed to gain your approval.

Mirror Effect

For an image with a graphic design edge, try our mirroring effect services. The mirror effect creates a visually striking image using reflections that in real life are often impossible to capture with a camera and can only be seen by the naked eye. An advanced image editing technique, the mirror effect adds a new level of intensity and high-quality to any image.

Mirror Effect for a Bold and Encapsulating Image

The mirror effect gives an edge to any image and adds new layers of depth. When a reflection is used in the composition of any image, the product or object being reflected is emphasized and the entire image becomes encapsulated by the object. No space need be sacrificed to include unnecessary elements. For company logos, the mirror effect adds an additional intensity to a logo with a plain background, making the company name pop out. The mirror effect can also be used to transpose a reflection over another image, or for reflections on water, the image can be altered to reflect the water ripples. The mirror effect is more than a doubling effect—it changes the mood of an image while drawing the viewer’s eye to the most essential objects in the image.

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