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How to increase your ecommerce store sales with good product photos.

How to increase your ecommerce store sales with good product photos. 1

You’ve had the perfect business idea, realized it to the fullest, and now you have a product ready to sell.

In this digital era, e-com stores are on the rise. Let’s face it; it’s much easier to buy products from the comfort of our homes instead of driving miles to get something and not even find it there.

Switching to online stores is the choice of many sellers nowadays since it’s much faster and convenient, plus you have the whole world as a market.

To sell your product, you don’t just need the perfect product, you also need to showcase the product in the best possible way. Shooting products is not just putting your product on a white background and snapping a shot with your phone. Stay tuned for 5 tips on shooting products in the next article.

Why product photos are essential when selling a product? 

How to increase your ecommerce store sales with good product photos. 2

1. Product images are the first thing your customer will see – 

Fact: People can remember the content of 2500 pictures with over 90% accuracy 72 hours after looking at them for only 10 seconds – Crocket, 2010

It’s the same as buying in person but with a flaw of not being able to touch the product physically. That’s where product images fit perfectly. Having a good product photo gives shoppers the freedom to see the specifications of the product, whether the product fits with their needs and expectations, so they know what they’re buying.

2. Good product photos help in getting ahead of the competitors –            

With the steady rise of online stores, the probability that someone else is selling a product like yours is a huge one. Good product photos have 2 purposes; grabbing people’s attention and building brand image. In any business, it’s essential to build a recognizable brand image. Take it from you. Most of us would first open an image that pops up and grabs our attention instead of some blunt photos where the product looks a bit shady.

How to increase your ecommerce store sales with good product photos. 3

3. An easy and convenient way to sell –

Having good product photos gets more people interested in your product, which means more chances to sell and increase revenue. Many sites are also offering tools that help in promoting and selling your products online, so even if you’re a complete rookie at online selling, they got you covered.

How product images help in promoting and selling products?

When selling a product, you also need to think of ways to market your product properly. Starting a business is easy, but maintaining it is a bit harder if you’re not consistent at it. Follow up on our list to keep a positive brand image while increasing sales.

How to increase your ecommerce store sales with good product photos. 4

  • Higher click-through rate –  High click-through rates lead to high-quality scores, and high-quality scores allow you to improve or maintain ad position for lower costs. There’s a saying, a picture is worth a 1000 words. Having high-quality, detailed photos can significantly increase your click-through rates since they grab customer’s attention, so more people will choose to click on your product ads instead of moving on to the next product.
  • More images of your product – a crucial part of selling more. You have the main image but that’s not enough to keep customer’s attention. Having more photos showing your product from different angles can significantly increase sales since your customers have the freedom to know what they order without worrying they’ll get something else.
  • Reducing returns of your products – to reduce returns of your products, you need to have photos that match your product. When post-editing photos, you always need to do an accurate color correction since customers will buy what they see. If your product’s color doesn’t match the color on the photos you’ve posted, that can lead to unhappy customers that would return your product since it’s not matching with their expectations.
  • Increasing conversion rates – to increase your conversion rates is essential to remember that high-quality is not the most important thing when shooting product photos. Having simple, clear, detailed images that give guidance will increase your conversion rates because it won’t confuse your customers about the product. Showing off how your product looks when being used is also an important part of increasing your conversion rates, so have in mind using people when shooting product shots. 
  • Mobile-friendly sites and apps  – considering that 4.4 billion people use mobile phones nowadays, it’s essential to adapt your photos for mobiles too. Optimizing your product photos for mobile has a lot of perks. With faster loading speed and easy to reach mobile-friendly sites, your product photos can reach a lot of people, which can increase your sales since they don’t have to go home and use a computer to buy. Buying products has never been more accessible with phones since we have everything at the palm of our hands.

Building trust as a brand to generate more sales.

How to increase your ecommerce store sales with good product photos. 5

You can find a market for your product, no matter what it is. There are many sites to sell products online, but they all have one thing in common-product shots. Amazon even has a specific set of guidelines about the photos of the products, if you want to sell on their site. Having well composed and well-lit photos is essential when selling online. Your photos are the representation of your brand, so you need to give your best to build a recognizable and trustworthy brand image. Great product photos are the key to generating more traffic, and more traffic equals more sales. There are two ways of shooting high-quality images, hiring a professional to do the photoshoot or doing it yourself. You may think you’d have to pay a lot of money to buy a decent camera, but you don’t always need expensive equipment to shoot your products.

We got you covered with 5 tips on shooting amazing product photos in our next article that would help you in building a great brand image.