Ghost Manequin

The use of ghost mannequins in product photography

If you’re a part of the many apparel and jewelry manufacturers, you’ve probably encountered the need for shooting your products on models or mannequins. Anyone that has worked with photography knows that hiring models can be expensive, and using mannequins is a bit distracting.

Photo editing services nowadays are offering businesses a new way of portraying products called the “ghost mannequin” effect.

The “ghost mannequin” effect is also known as the “invisible mannequin” it allows you to take multiple photos of the product’s front and back, and digitally remove the mannequin, leaving only the product on the photos.


Putting ghost mannequins in use to increase sales

When working with apparel or jewelry, the main goal is to portray how the product would look if being worn. Using people wearing the product is a great way of showcasing how the product looks, but it doesn’t give out any details on the inside of the product. Customers want to know every aspect of the piece of clothing they want to buy so, using the “ghost mannequin” effect is the perfect way of keeping the focus on the product itself. Mannequins can make a photo look a bit dull, and it’s distracting customers from your product.

If you want to take your online store to the next level, adding photos with a “ghost mannequin” is the greatest way to do it.

Photos done this way are more attractive and eye-catching. In the world of e-commerce, this is the best way of grabbing your customer’s attention, with it greatly increases the chances of selling.

Adding a professional flair to your e-commerce store

Physical store sellers refer to using mannequins or hangers to portray their products since that’s the greatest way of showcasing a product’s look. In the online world, however, it’s not practical to do so.

Just putting your products on hangers or mannequins will drive away your customers since it looks unprofessional and as if it’s done in a hurry.

With the constant improvement of technology today, you can add a professional look to your store with the use of the “ghost mannequin” effect. This gives a 3D look to your product, which will make your online store pop-out from the competition.