Colour Match

In this digital era, everything moves towards the online world. E-commerce stores are on the rise and many sell goods. What separates the successful ones from the ones that aren’t is high-quality photos. When portraying your products online, you must assure that the photos of your products are as accurate as possible. At some point, we’ve all encountered a situation where we order a specific item but receive something slightly different when delivered. When selling apparel, it is of utmost importance to have the colors of your products match the colors of your final photos, to avoid returns of products and bad reviews.

Color matching as a way to build brand trust

What better way to build a trustworthy brand than to deliver exactly what you present to sell, right? Having the matching colors of the products on the photos you post online should be one of your top priorities. If your product has a specific color or shade, the customers must know about it. Else you risk losing customers. Color mismatching is done when shooting your products. Even if you hired a photographer, a slight change in white balance might result in mismatching colors. This isn’t something to worry about since it can be fixed in the post-production process.

The use of recoloring in product photography

Recoloring is very similar to color matching but instead of matching the exact color, you change it to a different one. When products are in question, you can have the same, exact product in different colors. That’s where recoloring comes in hand. Instead of spending time on shooting each product separately, you can hire our team of pro

fessionals who can change the colors in the post-production process and get the photos ready for publishing, promptly.

A trustworthy brand is a successful one

Product presentation is the most important thing when selling online. Staying true to your customer’s expectations is even more important. Your customers have those expectations based on your photos so color matching and recoloring can help you in achieving those expectations. They say a happy customer is a loyal one.