Professional Photo Editing Services

Clippingarts is a photo editing agency that specializes in producing high-quality image edits. We offer a range of image editing services that can transform any image from standard to outstanding.

Our photo editing services include clipping path, image retouching, background Removal,masking and montaging. With a team of knowledgeable graphic design experts, consistent high-quality, and a speedy turnaround, Clippingarts is the premier agency for your image editing needs.

What are the benefits of photo editing?

By nature, human beings are visually-oriented creatures who use images to understand the world around them. This means that when it comes to shopping for products and services, potential customers rely on images to form an impression of the desirability and superiority of one company over another.

Professional Image editing can change the game and allow businesses to showcase their best features and market via well-designed and visually appealing images. With our photo editing services, you can improve the success of your business in multiple ways:

  • Present products in eye-catching ways (including background, image colors, lighting)
  • Eliminate distracting and extraneous objects from the background [Remove Background or White Background]
  • Custom-design images out of individual objects and backgrounds
  • Sharpen images
  • Brighten or change colors
  • Airbrush and/ or makeover models and people in photos
  • Change photo backgrounds to better showcase product/service (e.g. beach background for travel planning service)
  • Upgrade company logo from plain to impressive[Transparent Background]
  • Improve image scalability without losing quality
background removal product image
Complex photo background removal
product background removal
Complex photo masking
Complex photo masking
image masking before & after

Why outsource to Clippingarts?

With nearly a decade of being established in the photo editing industry and over 400 satisfied customers around the world, Clippingarts is the trusted source for post- production services.

We have helped businesses in multiple industries, from advertising to e-commerce and retail stores, photography, and digital and print enterprises.

We have worked with businesses that have used our image services for

  • Advertisements for products and services
  • Brochures, catalogues, pamphlets
  • Product reviews and product sales on major e-commerce retailers
  • Company logos and branding
  • Websites (including scalable images that can be used for websites, tablets and mobiles)
  • Photography / artist portfolios
  • And many more print and digital media

When it comes to using services to help your business succeed, our abilities and our ambitions know no limits.

Flexible, Reliable and Easy to Work with

At Clippingarts, we understand that time is precious, and especially for businesses, time is money. That’s why we offer a quick turnaround each time you work with us, so that you can get the ball rolling on your business without waiting on us.
Clippingarts can promise high-quality service because we guarantee

  • High-quality work from graphic agency professionals
  • Project quotes in under an hour
  • Flexible, reliable customer services
  • Willingness to re-work images until we gain your seal of approval
  • Free samples upon request
  • Express delivery within 4 hours (with prior notification)
  • Flat rates and upfront costs

Clipping Path

Clipping images made easy! Use our Photo clipping service and let your images be clipped professionally.


Background Removal

Clippingarts is a high-quality online service that allows its users to easily and quickly remove a background.

Image retouch icon

Retouching Services

Image flaws, scratches, skin blemishes we can eliminate distracting elements by retouching your images

Color correction icon

Color Correction Services

Your pictures lack the desired color tones? No problem! We can color customize your images

Express delivery

we process your order within 4 hours for minimal extra charges

Flexible Price

Flexible prices! Even for complex
clipping paths

24hours delivery

You will receive your edited images within 24 hours. Guaranteed!

We provide photo editing services to

Ecommerce Stores

Jewellery Photographers

Fashion Photographers

Wedding Photographers

How to order online 

upload image for editing
upload images for editing

Upload the image(s) using our secure file manager system.

analyze photos for editing
Analyse edited photos

We analyze the image, assess the project scope, and get you a project quote.

edit images
processing of images

We edit the image as per your specifications.

download images
download images

When the project is complete. You can download the edited image.

About Clippingarts


Established in 2009, Clippingarts is based in Houston and Chennai. Since our nascence, we have received orders from businesses all over the world, making us a locally-based but internationally operative company.

We have edited and improved images for numerous catalogues, brochures, websites, photography portfolios, and more. Nowadays, we can say with a glow of pride that
we have serviced over 500 happy customers in various niches.

We are a team of passionate, devoted people who simply appreciate the beauty of a well-crafted image. Our vision at Clippingarts is to be part of a thriving, internationally connected community where businesses work harmoniously and in friendly competition with one another for the mutual success of each business.

To attain that vision, our goal is to use our knowledge of photo editing to contribute to the success of other businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and more.

Vision and Goal

To be the leading partner across the globe by 2021, we strive to:

  • Deliver the best client experience
  • Produce high-quality work, every time
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Thrive as a team with dedicated, agency-experienced professionals

Why our clients love us

Many of our clients have told us time and again that we “are the best,” and to be honest, that authentic customer satisfaction is what we really work for.

The pleasure of customer satisfaction is what keeps us going, even when faced with the most demanding schedules. Our customers love us because we provide:

Customer service of the highest degree
Loyal, hardworking professionals
Image editing that is top quality
Prices that are competitive
Professional services from graphic agency experts
Industry leadership
No hidden costs—all costs are up front
Great can-do attitude and a desire to please
Ample flexibility—we will re-work images until you are satisfied
Replies to all queries within a short amount of time
Turnaround that is quick and efficient
Samples for free

Clippingarts provides a high quality clipping path services in a very efficient way and always on time

Carolina, Germany

Clippingarts always provides us with high quality work within our schedule.

Alessandro, Itlay

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