Professional Photo Editing Services

Clippingarts is a photo editing agency that specializes in producing high-quality image edits. We offer a range of image editing services that can transform any image from standard to outstanding.

Our photo editing services include clipping path, image retouching, background Removal, masking and montaging. With a team of knowledgeable graphic design experts, consistent high-quality, and a speedy turnaround, Clippingarts is the premier agency for your image editing needs. In addition to visual edits, the photo editing service can also include things like culling, selecting for blog/portfolio, resizing, exporting and even uploading to client galleries.

Why photo editing?

By nature, human beings are visually-oriented creatures who use images to understand the world around them. When it comes to shopping for products and services, potential customers rely on photos to form an impression of the desirability and superiority of one company over another. Photo editing allows the photographer to control over every picture.

An amazingly edited photo increases the chances of the product to reach out some buyers. Not only it makes the product more presentable but also gets inside the minds of people walking by or surfing the internet to have a look at that product at least once. It might not be feasible for you to make space for editing or retouching activities amidst your business operation. This is when retouching services come handy, without the need to buy more tools for editing; you can get your photographs ready for posting on social media, banners, magazines, and advertisements.

Photo editing is not as easy as using filters or just increasing the brightness, it includes color correction, changing nature of images, focusing patterns and many other things that can not be done by just anyone.

Hiring a professional team for this task will not only make your work lighter but will also help your business to grow differently. Professional Image editing can change the game and allow companies to showcase their best features and market via well-designed and visually appealing images.

With our photo editing services, you can improve the success of your business in multiple ways?

  • Present products in eye-catching ways (including background, image colors, lighting)
  • Eliminate distracting and extraneous objects from the background [Remove Background or White Background]
  • Custom-design images out of individual objects and backgrounds
  • Sharpen pictures
  • Brighten or change colors
  • Airbrush or makeover models and people in photos
  • Change photo backgrounds to better showcase product/service (e.g., beach background for travel planning service)
  • Upgrade company logo from plain to impressive
  • Improve image scalability without losing quality
background removal product image
Complex photo background removal
background removal product image
product background removal
Complex photo masking
Complex photo masking

What makes Clippingarts worthy?

With an experience of 10 years in the photo editing industry, Clippingarts strives to provide the most elegant photo editing & retouching experience you can find, so that you can focus on what you do best. The company has not just done some fantastic work but has a record of over 400 satisfied customers around the globe.

Our online Photoshop experts offer all the photo editing and Photoshop services you need to turn your photos into something you’ll treasure forever. Our correcting function will deal with all your altering needs briskly and effectively. Just modify your request measure, transfer pictures and give us a few parameters of how you need them done, at that point let us take every necessary step of finishing the way toward correcting your pictures.

Our focused vision to be your first choice for the outsourcing of photo editing services makes us dedicated to quality, commitment to delivery and motivates us with unique and upbeat ideas to make your product suitable for display. We have helped businesses in multiple industries, from advertising to e-commerce and retail stores, photography, and digital and print enterprises. Our team is always up in following the latest editing trends and will not let you down by not matching up to your choice.

We have worked with businesses that have used our image services

  • Advertisements for products and services
  • Brochures, catalogues, pamphlets
  • Product reviews and product sales on major e-commerce retailers
  • Company logos and branding
  • Websites (including scalable images that can be used for websites, tablets and mobiles)
  • Photography / artist portfolios
  • Also, more print and digital media

When it comes to using services to help your business succeed, our abilities and our ambitions know no limits.

Flexible, Reliable and Easy to Work with

At Clippingarts, we understand that time is precious, and especially for businesses, time is money. That’s why we offer a quick turnaround each time you work with us, so that you can get the ball rolling on your business without waiting on us.

Clippingarts can promise high-quality service because we guarantee

  • High-quality work from graphic agency professionals
  • Project quotes in under an hour
  • Flexible, reliable customer services
  • Willingness to re-work images until we gain your seal of approval
  • Free samples upon request
  • Express delivery within 4 hours (with prior notification)
  • Flat rates and upfront costs

Clipping Path

Clipping images made easy! Use our Photo clipping service and let your images be clipped professionally.


Background Removal

Clippingarts is a high-quality online service that allows its users to easily and quickly remove a background.

Image retouch icon

Retouching Services

Image flaws, scratches, skin blemishes we can eliminate distracting elements by retouching your images

Color correction icon

Color Correction Services

Your pictures lack the desired color tones? No problem! We can color customize your images

Express delivery

we process your order within 4 hours for minimal extra charges

Flexible Price

Flexible prices! Even for complex
clipping paths

24hours delivery

You will receive your edited images within 24 hours. Guaranteed!

We provide photo editing services to

e-commerce product

Ecommerce Stores

jewellery retouching

Jewellery Photographers

Fashion Photographers

Fashion Photographers

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographers

image masking before & after

What makes outsourcing of photo editing vital?

Photography signifies the act of capturing the world through our vision. With proper camera, guidance, and insight, photography can change your life in many ways. Not only it gives you a kind of calm but also gives your life a perspective. It’s good to see many people pursuing photography and making it a full-time job. We have wedding photographers, party photographers, portfolio photographers and a lot more in the making. It’s always an icing on the cake to work for your passion.

If you are a photographer, you know how much work happens when the shoot gets over. Not many people know the efforts behind the mandatory ‘wedding profile picture’ or the baby shower shoot or the 50th-anniversary memories. We hire a team or a photographer and expect them to give us the pictures asap without realizing how much they got to do even after ‘clicking’ and ‘shortlisting’ the pictures.

Most of the photographers spend 50-60% of their time in editing their photos. Clicking photographs and editing them are two different things and not necessarily one finds their passion in both of them. Most of the photographers love their work but hate doing the editing part. It requires not only many efforts but also needs much time. Editing includes color correction, setting exposure, saturation, spot correction and a lot more minute details layman does not even think off.

As a photographer, it is good to have many clients but delivering them the work you promised can be difficult because of the time you put on editing. This is when outsourcing of photos comes into the picture. You must be thinking that one can always hire a team for editing the images you click, but one can not put so many efforts and money on a team of 1-2 people.

Why not hire a crew for outsourcing your pictures so that a group of professionals (who love editing) can make the work easy for you? This will not just make your work more efficient but save you a lot of time, money and will let you focus on only one thing, that is, photography. If you choose to outsource your post-production, you can spend more time in marketing and make connections.

This means more customers, more orders, and more revenue. You will spend more time to focus on those things that will grow your business and time to spend with your loved ones. When offshore photo editing services to other companies, you will be able to focus on your core business and, thus, focus on your bottom line-related activities.

Your employees will also be able to focus more on their core activities, which means higher employee productivity and efficiency. You can even use the differences in time zones to your advantage – while you are sleeping, your service provider is working on your photos according to your parameters and goals. In the morning, you can work on the edited images, make corrections, and coordinate with the service provider on adjustments.

Although, many people are not very comfortable with the idea of giving their photos to the third party as they feel there is a lack of control. However, one needs to understand the advantages one gets with the outsourcing photo editing. One can make better use of the in-house staff. Repetitive photo editing tasks can build the skills and expertise go into drain because it not only gets boring, but one does not feel like doing the same work again and again.

This whole process not only saves time but also a tremendous amount of money. Not many people know that professional editing software is purchased for the use. One has to renew the contract or repurchase the software for editing the clicked pictures. Why not just hire a team of professionals who will only charge you for the editing and nothing else? With that time, one can make new customers, meet new people and stay carefree about the bulk editing.

Since you will be investing less money in the photo editing software, you will be able to put that money into something productive. This can higher your Return on Investment for every rupee spent. Outsourcing to a professional Image Editing Company ensures that you get all sorts of photo editing and manipulation work done at a single point.

A right Image Editing Company provides solutions for all kinds of editing work, including Image Retouching, Background Manipulation, Clipping Path, Masking, Image Enhancement, etc. under one roof, thus saving time in searching for various vendors. As most of the reputable image editing firms keep expert professionals, they can easily understand what they need to do to give a property an appealing look. Years of experience, technical expertise and creative touch of these professionals can ensure supreme quality works to the real estate businessmen and property agents within a quick turnaround time.

As outsourcing helps the property sellers get the quality works at lower prices, they can effectively market their properties without spending significantly for this purpose. Those who take advantage of it can save their cost and make more profit which helps them get an edge over their competitors.


The outsource photo editing services are essential for professional photographers, as they ensure the quality of the photo retouching and a timely work accomplishment. The outsource photo editing services give an opportunity to take the professional photographer to a new level.

The success of a photographer dramatically depends on the shots his clients get. The more vibrant, useful image a photographer creates, the more clients want to hire his services. One more important factor in photo editing outsourcing is image customization. Image customization is necessary for different platforms. The images on print ads, digital ads or social media are different than for mobile platforms.

With the help of professional photo editing, you can customize your pictures to have the same impact on multiple platforms. Clipping Arts’ prices can’t but rejoice you. They are quite reasonable and flattering especially considering the general quality of our work and overall attitude to the consumers of our qualities.

The friendly team is pretty highly-qualified and trained, with a quite a stock of vast experience. Also, if you can get image editing tasks off your chest, you can focus on increasing your sales and marketing efforts to expand your business. Seamless photo editing will not only guarantee a great relationship with your existing customers but also will aid you in bringing new customers.

About Clippingarts


Established in 2009, Clippingarts is based in Houston and since our nascence, we have received orders from businesses all over the world, making us a locally-based but internationally operative company.

We have edited and improved images for numerous catalogues, brochures, websites, photography portfolios, and more. Nowadays, we can say with a glow of pride that

we have serviced over 500 happy customers in various niches.

We are a team of passionate, devoted people who appreciate the beauty of a well-crafted image. Our vision at Clippingarts is to be part of a thriving, internationally connected community where businesses work harmoniously and in friendly competition with one another for the mutual success of each company.

Our goal is to use our knowledge of photo editing to contribute to the success of other businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and more. We strive to be the leading partner across the globe by delivering the best client experience, produce high-quality work, improve process and teamwork efficiency.

Why our clients love us

Many of our clients have told us time and again that we are the best, and to be honest, that authentic customer satisfaction is what we really work for. We pretty much understand the value of time, money and emotions attached with the photos and this is why our team focuses on the pictures and utilizes the full time to make your data better.

By outsourcing your photo editing requirement to us, you can capitalize on high-quality edited images for your business or personal use. We have a team of certified and experienced graphic design professionals that work with the most powerful and latest Photoshop software tools to make your images more lively and gorgeous.

Our Photo editing and retouching professionals can enhance your photos and deliver a modern effect. We can able to change your ordinary images look into the extraordinary look. So, don’t worry about your old memory which was taken by the camera, we are here to give new life to your treasured memories.

The pleasure of customer satisfaction is what keeps us going, even when faced with the most demanding schedules. Our customers love us because we provide:

Customer service of the highest degree
Loyal, hardworking professionals
Image editing that is top quality
Prices that are competitive
Professional services from graphic agency experts
Industry leadership
No hidden costs—all costs are up front
Great can-do attitude and a desire to please
Ample flexibility—we will re-work images until you are satisfied
Replies to all queries within a short amount of time
Turnaround that is quick and efficient
Samples for free

Being a photographer myself, I have a good knowledge of the work editors do. I love clicking and it’s something I’m passionate about but after any project, there is no time to improve that skill. Rather, I was always busy in editing the pictures I clicked. A friend suggested me about Clipping Arts and trust me that is one of the wisest decisions of my life. I go out everyday and click in functions, make new clients without worrying about the delivery of the pictures I’ve already clicked. Clipping Arts takes full responsibility of the photos and the way they edit them is just perfect.

Martina, US

Since I’m a wedding photographer, there is a lot of pressure on me. After clicking around 1500 pictures, I can not edit every picture and spend 2-3 days doing the same. Clipping Arts is one company that takes care of that part for me while I save time for my work, my personal life and improve in working upon my business rather than editing pictures for straight 3-4 days.

Lautaro, France

Clippingarts provides a high quality clipping path services in a very efficient way and always on time

Carolina, Germany

Clippingarts always provides us with high quality work within our schedule.

Alessandro, Itlay

The process of the photo editing services

Our retouching service is one of a kind, modern and based on human intelligence. We have a dedicated team of professional editors who love what they do and do what they love. Yes, artificial intelligence is what everyone is falling for, but they fail to understand the power of creativity human intelligence offers.

We at Clipping Arts never compromise on quality, creativity, and timely delivery. One can provide us with the files, and after going through all of it, we give you the best possible quote which will be affordable and worth it.


Place your order

Get the best affordable quote

Relax while we transform your photos

  • Creative
  • Modern
  • Express Delivery (24 hours delivery)
  • Flexible Price

How to order online 

upload image for editing
upload images for editing

Upload the image(s) using our secure file manager system.

analyze photos for editing
Analyse edited photos

We analyze the image, assess the project scope, and get you a project quote.

edit images
processing of images

We edit the image as per your specifications.

download images
download images

When the project is complete. You can download the edited image.


Is it really safe to upload the pictures on the website?

Security becomes a key concern in today’s context. So it is a good idea to ensure any company you are thinking of hiring has a secure means of downloading and uploading images, either via the cloud or an FTP site. You may decide whether the work you are submitting requires a non-disclosure agreement. If you’re working with personal information or using sensitive images or pictures of children, you might need protection. This would obligate the company to keep your images, critical information and your clients’ information secure.

Will my photos remain private? I don’t want to share it with everyone.

All pictures we edit are 100% confidential. We do not share them on social media, our website or any other platform without permission.

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